Ilford b&w photo

Videndum Group

With its high quality products, Ilford has been leading the black & white photography for over 137 years. A long tradition of commitment to black and white film photography, Ilford manufactures 35mm & 120 roll films, chemistry for developing and paper to print to a consistently high standard.

Developed and sold by many labs in Morocco, Markushu is marketing the brand widely to become market leader in this segment.

Videndum Group

Manfrotto, Joby and Lowepro are big photographic brands of camera and lighting supports, including tripods, monopods, and other accessories, as well as shoulder bags & backpacks, manufactured by Videndum Group with Italian design.

Join us to explore world’s leading design and extreme reliablity that sets new standards with cutting-edge photo & video accessories.



AgfaPhoto has been a synonym for outstanding quality and intelligent solutions in the field of consumer imaging. Thanks to the extremely easy handling of the products, anyone can enjoy perfect pictures with AgfaPhoto.

We offer attractive consumer imaging products like digital cameras, single-use cameras, digital photo frames and B&W films.



The brand that brought analog instant photography our lives and kept it alive for more than 80 years!

Edwin Land found Polaroid in 1937 and we have enjoyed point-and-shoot analog instant cameras to catch every life moment, in color, in black&white, with funky frames.

Today, Polaroid is going strong with refurbished cameras, lots of film types, and modern analog cameras. We are excited to bring Polaroid to Morocco & re-introduce the brand to enthusiasts.