Our solutions

Supply from stock

We aim to minimise wait times for stock and provide goods just in time for important sales periods and maintain a good level of stock for seasons. Change of models or EOL products do not affect us as we keep our customers well-informed ahead of changes.

Wide range of goods

Every retailer, online or offline, would like to try & test products before putting more effort in marketing and sales. Therefore, we keep a wide range of goods and brands to serve all needs. We do keep a good communication channel with customers to get feedback and use this to all parties’ advantage.

Great after-sale service

Products sourced from Markushu are high-quality, return rates and breakage are minimal in the industry. But, we will want to keep things safe and have a good after-sale service with repair and maintenance functions at reasonable costs. We take care of the service so our customers can focus on sales & marketing solely.

Our partners